New Codeplex Project - SharePoint 2010 App Model

It a pleasure to announce the publication of my new project on Codeplex has just ended. The project is called SharePoint 2010 App Model and purpose is to emulate a subset of the functionality related to the new App Model in 2013 SharePoint SharePoint 2010 through the use of the SandBox Solution. Clearly the aim is not to create a true clone of new App Model in SharePoint 2010, also because it wouldn't even make sense, but to create a set of features that can enhance the future migrate applications developed today with this project from 2010 to 2013 version of SharePoint. At this early stage, the project contains a Project Template for Visual Studio 2012 to create one of three types of App that you can create in SharePoint that is SharePoint 2013 Hosted App. On the home page of the project on Codeplex you will find simple instructions in order to start using it right away. Enjoy!

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Fabio Franzini is Senior Consultant, Software Engineer and Trainer, specializing mainly on SharePoint, ASP.NET, web solutions and in general about everything that revolves around the Microsoft web platform. [more]


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