I'm speaking @ SharePoint & Office Conference 2011

Anche se un po in ritardo, ho il piacere di annunciare che quest'anno sarò speker alla SharePoint & Office Conference 2011 con la sessione: SB323 Web Development Basics for SharePoint, dove parlerò di tutte le tecnologie web che un vero SharePointer deve con... [More]

Building a ASP.NET Packaging Site Manager Using NuGet

Lately I've been studying NuGet, a system for creating packages of code can install a number of features in an existing project or that is being developed. The operating mechanism is very simple. A package is a file that has a ".Nupkg" (it's a. zip file) that contains a series of folders and files,... [More]

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Fabio Franzini is Senior Consultant, Software Engineer and Trainer, specializing mainly on SharePoint, ASP.NET, web solutions and in general about everything that revolves around the Microsoft web platform. [more]


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